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Never Dance Alone

©Seth F. Weaver Sr. 08/16/13. This is the tale a beautiful lady at a festive party that despertly wants to dance. As she carefully scans likely dance companions none seem to meet her criteria. When suddenly quite unexpectedly a chill runs up and down her spine, something or someone strokes her hair, and takes her hand, and pulling her to the floor she dances. Other dancer look on in dismay as she swirls, dips, and floats across the floor. Her eyes are wide with fear but she can not speak from the rousing rhumba to the tempting tango the creepy couple dance all night long. When relaying the tale of the spectral samba to her friends they all wanted to know what kind of dancer he/it was? “Out of this world” was her reply. Even when we think we are quite alone we are being watched by many on the other side. A Compullage™ creation in my GRID series.


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Renata Cavanaugh 08 Oct 2013

Fabulous work Seth

Artist Reply: Thank you Renata for the compliment and visit. Tis the season to get spooky!

ruth sears 07 Oct 2013

wow,how did I miss this one,this is fabulous,well done Seth!

Artist Reply: Thank you Ruth for the compliment and visit. Have a great day!

Anneke Hut 13 Sep 2013

Great imagination, Seth! It's very mysterious!

Artist Reply: Thank you Anneke for your visit and compliment. I was trying for a spooky quality to this.

Joanna Jungjohann 13 Sep 2013

wow this is fabulous Seth!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Joanna for the compliment. I enjoyed the B&W.