castile and Apollo, hunting together


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Vernonette Gaddy 05 Jul 2013

Nice picture of these curious comrades.

Artist Reply: thank you vernonette

John Cappello 05 Jul 2013

Great composition Very Colorful work. Lovely scene,So very peaceful, Tranquil, and pleasing to the eyes!

Artist Reply: thank you john, very much,, I love living on the edge of a little village, surrounded by countryside and nature

Elizabeth Lindberg 30 Jun 2013

Excellent capture!!!!!!!! They are so beautiful Bella, and so well cared for!!!! You are a wonderful kitty mom!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: thank you!!! I was actually a bit surprised to see these two hunting together,, it's normally my ginger twins! ;-

Kate Gallagher 29 Jun 2013

So cute bella, looks like they will find whatever it is that they are after!

Artist Reply: thanks,, they chase anything,, dandelion seeds often included ;-)

Chris Roukema 29 Jun 2013

Excellent Photo of This Beautiful Hunting Party, Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: thank you chris ,, I think they were actually hunting dandelion seeds! ;-)