Aztec Medallion

Aztec Medallion Brush technique in photoshop....Contrast piece of artwork with turquoise and beige .With beige being the top light source and aztec type of skull..

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 Aug 2015

I gotta say it looks like a very beautiful box, but I'll wait until the price goes below the 60 doallr mark because it's just not worth for me. I'm in no rush. It could be possible considering the box set is now available for 100 bucks and you can expect the price to go lower in the following months, not to mention Black Friday deals in a couple of months or used sets for sale online either on eBay or Amazon. This means that if you plan on getting this box set pretty cheaply eventually, you'll have to skip the 3 disc set of So to avoid repetition and further cash-out for the same material.