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the Sapphire Princess cruise,Alaska,2012


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Vernonette Gaddy 04 Jun 2014

A fabulous and clearly detailed panoramic picture!

Elizabeth Lindberg 13 May 2013

Excellent composition!!!!

Cathy Holford 30 Apr 2013


Seth Weaver 30 Apr 2013

Looks like a wonderful cruise! Beyond belief scenery!

John Cappello 30 Apr 2013

Stunning View ! Thank You for sharing these

Heloisa Castro 29 Apr 2013

beautiful capture

Julie Mayser 29 Apr 2013

Lovely shot... including part of the ship and passengers helps show the scale and grandeur of the surroundings!

Donald Schrier 29 Apr 2013

Great shot of the deck of the ship. My Sister and her husband are going to take a cruise around Canada around September.

Joan Wulff 29 Apr 2013

Great shot! Alaska is so beautiful. I was also on a cruise there 10 yrs. ago!

Sharon Gonzalez 29 Apr 2013


Beatrix Jahn 29 Apr 2013

Impressive shots - that must have been one neat experience, Ruthie!

Kate Gallagher 29 Apr 2013

Excellent photo of this beautiful scene, mountains are so beautiful!