Moonrise Nightmare

"Moonrise Nightmare" [From the Ship Of Death Series Of Images] __________ *...and the night seemed too perfect! The bank heist job went perfect and the security guard was the only casualty...the loot was hidden well and me and my girl jumped in the boat with stars in their eyes and wetness in their trousers, and rowed over to the little romantic island and were going to make love and talk about what they were going to do with all that money! As they were having their sexual encounter, the boyfriend noticed a blue light pulsing behind them...he rolled over and onto his knees and froze! He started praying but that was not going to help either of them...within only a few moments two skeletons were all that could be seen next to the island tree...and the haunted death ship faded out of sight... __________ usual, just my thoughts. __________ J.Michael Piper __________ *ArtimationsDesignComp.Com* __________ J.MichaelPiperĀ©2013 All Rights Reserved __________ ArtimationsDesignComp.ComĀ©2 013 J.Michael Piper - All Rights Reserved


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Michael Goddard 16 Apr 2013

hey man, all is fine, hope you too are keeping well and all that,.....yup i is back, been off the grid for a while so will catch up with you real soon.good to see you are still here....Laters....

Artist Reply: Thanks! Good to see you too Mike, back on the grid! Looking forward to new things from you! Laters...

Stefani Wehner 14 Apr 2013

Your beautiful images remind me always "the flying Dutchman". As always fantastic and fascinating work and my PoD!

Artist Reply: *Hi Stefani! I thank you so very much for that wonderful comment! I truly appreciate it and I always appreciate you! I hope you had a good weekend and have a better week yet! Take care for now! :-)