Llangollen Wales:The Llangollen Methodist Church

This watercolor is my first painting in the last 18 months. After going into cardiac arrest during a minimally invasive procedure which was entirely unrelated to the procedure I was under going I was resuscitated and had a pacemaker installed. In the six weeks following that event I had another four trips to the hospital and three of the four trips were ER admissions. I survived quite nicely, but ended up with a serious urinary tract infections which led to a whole number of ER admissions. I was treated with an antibiotic which is known to cause ruptured tendons. I ruptured a major tendon on the index finger of my drawing hand. Because of the rupture and worsening arthritis in my right hand, I had to rework and learn to paint with a different grip on my brushes and pencils. I was also physically wiped out from the six months of battling the mixed bacterial and fungal infections. I used photos that my Father took of Llangollen on a trip there in the early 1980s. I combined my Father's photos with images from Google Earth and other internet sources. The image is a 7 x 10 inch watercolor. This is my third painting of LLangollen, UK. It is a perfectly charming town that is a rather successful tourist site. My favorite part of LLangollen is the Railroad Staion, which I painted in 1985

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Teresa Dominici 06 Oct 2013

A stunning work Stanton…perfect in so many ways!

John Cappello 03 Apr 2013

Excellent colors, detail, perspective.Super painting of this Methodist Church!

Julie Mayser 01 Apr 2013

Marvelous work, Stanton! The structures have solidity, the organic parts have softness, the sun/shadow affects are believable. You are definitely a survivor, and I am so glad that you have adjusted and overcome the health challenges which have come your way!!!

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 01 Apr 2013

cool!!i thought at first it was a photo...congrats!

Suelene Rebouças 30 Mar 2013

Nicely done