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Artist: JLynn Art
Uploaded: 11/15/11
Gallery: Fine Art
Subject: Places/Events
Media: Watercolor

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by JLynn Art
by JLynn  Art
by JLynn  Art
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(Image 225 of 225) Copyright © JLynn Art

A postcard sized painting- my first one in a long time. This picture was modeled after a photograph I took of the statue of the virgin Mary at St. Aldean's church in Jersey City, NJ. Getting back into the painting mode was like when they say, "riding a bicycle", but a little more nerve racking (I don't know how to ride a bike). I really couldn't take a good picture of this one, even after fixing it on Microsoft Picture Manager. I hope you all like it anyway. There is a miracle in this picture. When I was gearing to fix another picture to post of this particular painting, I got a miracle. When I started to put it in the Microsoft Picture Manager to fix it up for a better look for the website, I got fustrated with it midway and wanted to play around with it. So I started to flip it horizontally, but when I did this- the flowers flipped, but not the statue nor the church. It was displaying something that I didn't even paint-the back of the statue. Weird, yet so true. So miracles do really happen.

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  Date / Time   Name / Comments
  12:42 AM  
John Cappello
  So Delightfully Crafted scene!
  12:10 PM  
Anneke Hut
  What a pity that the picture is a but blurry, because I like the colours very much. I think in real it's beautiful as it is now already!
  Artist Reply:   Thank you! I had a time getting that picture up.
  Artist Reply:   You can now see a more detailed photograph, enjoy.