This is the layout of a fantasy work of a New England Seaport. I am very fond of these works because I create my own imaginary world and get a chance to flex my creative brain cells a bit. I quit doing them for a while because people would look at the work and claim to have been at the site of the painting. Of course that would have been impossible and began to uneasy about their misperception of what they believe to be reality. The layout of the docks is about the way that Gloucester MA, and lay of the land is Gloucester, but the buildings used for reference were of Newport RI, and seaports from Massachusetts to Maine. I also used Google Earth to get an idea of the geography of seaports, and how and why towns are built along the coast.


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Julie Mayser 15 Sep 2011

It boggles the mind that you created all this out of "thin air"! -and that you do all this detailed work on a fantasy! My admiration totally, as I could never spend so much time on details. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, as they say.

ruth sears 15 Sep 2011

remarkable work,loved reading what you used for references on this piece..

Artist Reply: Thanks Ruth. Sometimes the research is as much fun as the painting.