SHADOWLAND Requiem, OPUS: Valley of the Shadows, ARTIST Mirza Ajanovic; POETIC TransRealism, Observation of physical and psychological reality, whiles his acutely observed realism; brought a new level of emotional intensity, strong dramatic expression, neo-romanticism, Motion ART, Symbolism, cloudscape, Transcendental ART surrealism, Bird Symbolism and Spirituality, POETIC Photography, Perception beyond the Veil, Mystical Photography; ‘There the sun doesn’t shine, or the moon, or the stars, nor any earthly fire... In it’s light, invisible in a secret place, In the heart It resides.’ Mirza Ajanovic Fine ART Photography, Limited Edition Prints,


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M Smith 16 Apr 2011

Very beautiful shot!

Sharon Lee 13 Mar 2011

Awesome Mirza....just amazing!