Das Jenseits

Das Jenseits; ARTIST Mirza Ajanovic Photography, Picture is based on light and darkness counterpoints, with elements of Chiaroscuro. Strong, dramatic expression, while ... acutely observed realism brought a new level of emotional intensity, Observation of physical and psychological reality… Masterful Meanings in Light and Shadow, TransRealism, Bird Symbolism and Spirituality, Mystical Photography, Symbolism, Transcendental ART surrealism, Metaphysics ART, Perception beyond Appearance’s, Painting with MOTION, ART Avant-garde, POETIC TransRealism; "There the sun doesn’t shine, or the moon, or the stars, nor any earthly fire... In Its light, invisible; in a secret place, In the heart It resides." Mirza Ajanovic Photography, POETIC Photography, Black and White, Fine ART Photography, Fine Art Prints & Limited Editions,

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