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Reagan From Beyond (Cartoon)

Reagan appointed Judge Vinson rules Obama Care/Health Care bill unconstitutional. Political cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2/01/2011

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Feb 2011

Amen, Bro!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Feb 2011

Please God save us from the plans of our current leader.

Artist Reply: I'm Praying with you!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Feb 2011

love the toon here. Truth is president Reagan spoke this (of sorts)to Russian President Gorby...who at least listened... Let's see if President Obama is a least as smart as ol' Gorby.

Artist Reply: Thank you!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Feb 2011

it is a shame the liberal media just keeps spinning and lying to the american people

Artist Reply: True dat ! ! !... Thank you for commenting!

Guy Whiteley 05 Feb 2011

Very strong message. Too bad our elected ones don't get it.

Artist Reply: Thank you for commenting.