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Obama's Gas Prices (Cartoon)

If the gas prices in 2008 were the fault of G.W.Bush, then who's fault are the 2011 gas prices? Political Cartoon by A.F.Branco ©1/21/2011

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Aug 2011

Unlike Canada, it is not illegal to lie in the media in the United States. To learn the truth you have to look to reliable sources like the Energy Information Administration for historical energy data(including gas and oil prices). By doing that it is easily found that it was the Bush Years that gasoline prices were at highest in history, even when measured against Obama years. With this information you will find that in the Clinton Years the average gasoline price was $1.16 per gallon. The Bush years rose as high as $4.10 in 2008 yet in Bush's years the average price was $2.73. Which is still higher than the Obama Years (2009,2010,2011) which is $2.59. See You should question your sources, even if it is a cartoon.

Artist Reply: You seem to have missed the point of the cartoon then. Purposefully perhaps?

Jeff Thomason 10 Mar 2011

You've captured the irony and hypocrisy well.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 Mar 2011

and who exactly voted for this jerk anyway?????? he is a one term president that is making it harder for the next president to fix this big mess now!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Mar 2011

Is the freedom of the press care for Liberty any more? If we can just double the price of gas, maybe people will stop thinking that bullet trains are such a stupid, money loosing plan. 41 of 44 Amtrak routes lost money in 2010. Yet, if the Press really cared about Liberty whether economic, civil, cultural or religious, why is the following information missing in action? in those same Northern Africa countries that feed this second round of gas price hikes, there is a trend of burning completely local Christian churches is going on as an "unavoidable" statistical trend of muslim civic unrest. More Christians have died for their faith in past ten years than in any century of recorded Christian history. The Roman's and their lions are nothing compared to what is going on.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your comment!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Mar 2011

You're right on the money again! Well Done Mr. Branco!

Artist Reply: Thank you!