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Obama Business Policy (Cartoon)

With taxes unions and regulation Obama expects business to create jobs???. Cartoon by A.F.Branco 12/06/2010

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All this needs is a Chineese shark! RunRoyRun

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Feb 2011

it's a no brainer

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Dec 2010

Why is it that Liberals refuse to talk revenue and continue to argue rates? Facts.. Revenue over the Bush years was up over 1 Trillion dollars at the lower rates. You put making money "on sale" and people will make and keep more of it here. Is Christmas the time to double prices and maximize the windfall of shoppers? You might want to hire more people at double the salary as well. You could make a fortune. Or... you will drive away your revenue stream and go bankrupt. Don't tell me the analogy does not work. Why else are we complaining about jobs going oversees, the need for cheaper foreign workers and the skyrocketing salaries of government employees.

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