Guinevere's Retreat

©2004 Steve Woron


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George Wallis 29 Jun 2005

the highlights from the souce of light are great, wonderful subject pose setting and color

Ekua Kukua Akumanyi 22 Oct 2004

wow, beautiful....Ilove the way the light falls on her

Mark Peterson 22 Oct 2004

Very nice! another ten.

Wes James 24 Aug 2004

Very nice. The soft pink light with the hard reflected light works really well. Good job!


Stunningly beautiful picture. The face is so demure, it adds emotion to the pose.

jorge gallardo 19 Jul 2004

Wonderful colors as a pastel, Excellent as a watercolor.

Sean Donahue 30 Jun 2004

gorgeous, i love watercolor when it looks like this

Peter Leahy 30 Jun 2004

nicely done

steve running 30 Jun 2004

absolutely fabulous!!

Anastasya Krasnova 30 Jun 2004

Very decoratively and gracefully.