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Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Dec 2013

Hi,Thanks for your kind comments! It's alwyas very heartening to hear that people enjoy reading this little blog of mine :-) I would put aside at least S$1000-S$1500 for your trip, but it really depends on how many days you are going there for. For each day, I would budget S$15 for transport (just within Tokyo on the subway), $15-20 for each meal (though there are cheaper options, of course, but like say, a good bowl of ramen would cost about S$17), and maybe $100-200 for shopping & sightseeing. If you're just visiting shrines and museums, the tickets usually cost $10 or less, and could even be free but if you're going to Disneyland, that will cost about S$80-90, IIRC. I usually end up spending close to S$2000 for one week but that's 'cos I alwyas end up shopping a lot (clothes, bags, makeup). Have a great trip! Jo Malone is a high end fragrance brand and is expensive even in the US and UK so I think its price points are going to be close to S$100 and above.

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 05 Oct 2010

Awesome work.

Claude J Morrissette 04 Oct 2010

Fantastic and such great colors!

ruth sears 04 Oct 2010

beautiful,what stunning colors!!