Appalachian Blackberry Patch Folk Art Farm Life

A panorama landscape painting with mountains fields, and orchards with a blackberry patch in the foreground. This painting was painted with a digital brush and a Wacom board. The size is 24" x 30". prints may be purchased at my website at: or Yessy.

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Martina Zuidema 02 Jan 2010

Wonderful wonderful charming and I would want that on my wall! Im such a dreamer.... but maybe so are you. Nostalgia and quaint yet cheeerfullll charm. I love your light and shadows. Blackberries and all ..... awwwww

Gary Symington 29 Nov 2008

Walt, I'm sure this is not the first time you've heard your work reminds someone of Grant Wood's. This piece has a beautiful, cohesive design that moves your eye all over the canvas. Although it's digital, it has a nice painted feel to it. Bravo!

Marika Antal 29 Nov 2008

marvelous work!!

Anne Vis 22 Jun 2008

Outstanding artwork, Walt!

Douglas Larsen 17 Jan 2008

Marvelous visual homily, nostalgic. You should illustrate some of Philip Gulley's "Harmony" books. Thanks! Art et Amour Toujours