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Dear visitors,

my name is Jan Hachran and I´d like to welcome you on my profile. I´m young independent artist speicalizing in painting. Thanks to my study of Iudeo - Christian mysticism, european esoteric traditions and a history, I add another dimension to contemporary art. My goal is to make something new, something beutiful. I strive for my works to be mysterious and to contain some sort of mytholoical story and also something which will spiritualy elevate individual, and in turn, the entire humanity. You can choose any of my works – every single one of them is unique in their vision of the world, but at the same time, conveys a sort of message. Message about something great. mysterious and even spiritual, which exceeds our comprehension. My art is contemporary, but with a twist. I use the technique of modern printing and take advantage of exclusive materials like gold, gems and peacock feathers etc.

Every artwork I make is part of a greater series, where the paintings are related to each other and at the same time they complement and elevate the meaning of the whole series. My paintings are made to give the energy to their admirers, because there is a simple theory that if you put a lot of work, time and energy into an work of art, this energy then emits for the people who need it. Some of my paintings have already found their happy owners, some of them are even in the Switzerland.

The impressive and valuable form of the painting will brighten every apartment, office or every other workplace. The direct sunlight will further enhance the looks of the painting as the layered gold begins to shine beutifully. Though I usually make my works in accordance to my worldview you can also order a custom painting from me. So if you are intersted in any of my paintings, illustration for a book, the logo for a company etc., feel free to contact me.

I hope you will find your stay on this profile plesurable,

All the best Jan Hachran

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