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Bob Schmidt, Owner of PencilArtStudio is 56yrs old is From Kansas City, Missouri & Happily Married to Wife Melony for 35 Years, They have 3 Sons & 4 Grandchildren. A Pencil Portrait Artist but also works in Photography & Visual Arts, Acrylic, Charcoal and Ink. Memberships include; Published Severe Weather Photographer - WeatherMatrix, Genealogist, Electronics Technician & Carpenter and also Son of a Marine...... Bob's wife Melony is credited with getting him back into Art, after some Tragic events and Tumor Surgery that left him deaf in the Right ear and Two Optic Nerve Strokes, He continues His Artwork to this day. Bob's personal motto ..Never Give up, Never Surrender..

** Disclaimer - Please note, Bob Schmidt does not claim to be an 'Officially Recognized'- 'Native American', even though his Portrait Artwork often features 'Native Americans'. His own Family History and Genealogy shows Eastern Cherokee Indian, Creek Indian, Austrian, Irish & British Ancestors.

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