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Nina Thompson

Artist / Traditional Art

I am a self taught artist. I have been drawing for 25 years. I love drawing in pencil. I have also used other mediums, including paint, pastels, colored pencils & ink. I can draw anything from cartoon characters, to cars, to portraits of people. With a vast area of interests, I have a wide variety of different artwork. I have the natural ability to recreate on paper anything that I can see or imagine. I mostly enjoy drawing classic cars, scenery, and fantasy art. However, I will draw anything that is requested of me. I have been developing my skills over a coarse of many years, since I started out drawing Disney characters when I was seven or eight years old. I hope to keep on developing these skills for the remainder of my years on earth. I currently offer many of my art pieces as prints, and I also have some of my originals for sale. What I do best, and enjoy the most, is making customized automotive drawings for people of their classic cars, rat rods, or bikes. If you see something you would like me to make into a print, or if you would like to request a custom automotive illustration, please contact me by shooting me an email. sears.thompson@gmail.com


Thank you.

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