Artist Bio

The purpose of my artwork is to share with my viewers the magic I find while exploring nature. I was building trail systems in my back woods even as a child, and I continue to find life and spiritual release in the forests, waterways and mountains of my native New England. I feel that every landscape is a portrait, and most of my work has the places that I have visited and photographed as it’s foundation.

I was fortunate to have a gifted and enthusiastic art teacher who took me on as a 6 year old and continued to inspire me into my teens. I did portraits - the human kind - in my 20’s, had a small business logo design company that did record labels and calligraphy as well as custom artwork. Also did drafting work for a NYC company. Have owned Trail Magic Studio, my greeting card company, since 2009. It is named after the thru-hiker term, to honor all the help I’ve received along my personal trail of life.

My career shifted to horticulture for a few decades, a choice that continues to profoundly influence my way of seeing nature. As a creative outlet I learned to silversmith and found the engineering aspect enjoyable and easy to sell. By 2005 I was longing to paint again. I picked up an old pan set of watercolors and one snowy winter I used it as a way to connect with a place I love but no longer see. The “look” of watercolor has always been irresistible to me, yet I’d never used that medium before. Since that first painting I’ve wanted to know everything I can about this fascinating and elusive medium.

I live with my husband on our off-grid solar-powered home in Western Vermont. Inspiration is right outside my front door, the waterfalls in my brook sing me to sleep each nite.

Artist Highlights