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Reply 10/03/12
11:16 PM

Click for larger view Bio of the newest artist to join artwanted...Chet Hall.

Chet Hall is an artist who was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, on April 2, 1934. He graduated from Medford (MA) High School, in 1952, and Massachusetts College of Art, in 1960. He then began to teach freehand drawing and art at Rindge Technical High School, in Cambridge, MA.

While teaching at Rindge, he became widely recognized for his celebrity portrait work and for creating a drawing technique for a totally blind, previously-sighted student, Wendell E. Marchant to produce works of art. He was eventually recognized as a pioneer in this field and was granted a sabbatical leave to teach his methods at Perkins School for the Blind, in Watertown, MA. This would be the first introduction to the teaching of art in the school’s then 150 year history. As a result, art has played a major role in the pupil’s studies.

While teaching at Perkins, he was introduced to a previously-sighted student named Crist Delmonico. Using Chet’s method of drawing, Crist later went on to great success, becoming an internationally known artist and eventually both Chet and Crist were featured in numerous well known newspaper and magazine articles, including a full-page article in People Magazine, in the 1980’s. Crist was also featured on an episode of the Mr. Roger’s TV show.

Also, while at Perkins, he developed a second new method of drawing for the deaf and partially-sighted, which amazed both parents and faculty. He has been especially grateful to the then director of Perkins, Benjamin Smith, for giving him the chance to teach those very special students who provided him with the “high point” of his career.

While teaching at Rindge Technical High School, Chet did many “gift” portraits for faculty and administrators at retirement, along with basketball greats like “Satch Sanders, Walt Clyde Frazer, and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe and hockey players such as Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito and Derek Sanderson. Other portraits included boxing great Rocky Marciano, Mohammad Ali and President John F. Kennedy. He also takes special pride in the portrait done for Red Auerbach; one of basketball’s coaching icons. Before his death in 2006, Mr. Auerbach autographed it and declared it to be his “official portrait”. It now hangs in the gymnasium at George Washington University, his alma mater.

Chet has since retired from teaching, lives in Londonderry, NH and has spent the last 18 years passionately dedicating much of his time developing a style of abstract art that is indicative of his unique perspective and creativity. This method, which involves dozens of generations of drawing on top of reproductions of his own original artwork and photography, has created a new and unique style of art that creates a sense of depth and richness to his work, rarely if ever achieved by other artists without the use of a computer.

What is particularly interesting is that Chet, who is now 78 years old, to date, has just this year, because of the economy, found it necessary to attempt to sell his works. In the past, they were given freely to family and friends and many, liked what they saw. As of this writing, Chet’s works will be offered for sale for the first time as signed or numbered editions.

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