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07 Sep, 2013

www.viewbug/member/Gail_yeah ,,,

JULY 2ND 2015 JULY 2ND 2015 JULY 2ND 2015

hi all,, I should think most of you have forgotten me by now!, ;-) ill health, a house move and a new man in my life, all took up so much of my time that I got a bit behind with everything else ,, anyway, I am back!,, I hope you have all been keeping well in my absence,, if any of you remember me, please drop me a line xx


25 Aug, 2013

I always find it a slightly strange experience to write in this, or any other, blog,, you never know who is going to read it, or if anyone will! ;-) my health hasn't been at its best lately, but I always feel better when I come on here and see everybody's wonderful work,, I just hope nobody thinks i'm ignoring them or their work,, I just run out of energy sometimes, I have been playing round on another site recently too,, www.viewbug/member/gail_yeah , got a few things in contests,, it's interesting to get opinions from a different group of people, if a little scary! ;-)


16 Jun, 2013

hi,, I don't know how many of you will read this,, just want to apologise for my lack of comments recently,, haven't been feeling too well,, I shall do my best to catch up,,xx


17 Mar, 2013

i am quite pleased with my little self today,, i got an award on ViewBug,, another photography site,, i got an award as judges favourite for my red admiral picture,,,the image is there at www.viewbug/gail_yeah


04 Dec, 2012

not a good day today,, pain is driving me mad, can barely lift my right arm at all,,even typing is causing pain up into my shoulder and neck,, i hope it soon lets up,,i really don't like winter,, cold makes everything worse,, i need to win the lottery! ;-))


cindy kelly 24 Jan 2013

Hi Bella, I hope your feeling better. I know this is 20 days since you wrote this but your right winter has a way of making things linger. I just spent a week off work because of bursitis in my knee. I get it at least twice a year. I wish you luck in winning the lottery, wouldn,t that be nice. Take care and keep sending those pics of the two cuties. Cindy.

cindy kelly 24 Feb 2013

Hi Bella, I,m alive and well. It was probably someones stupid idea of a joke. If you find out who this life long friend of mine is would you let me know? Thank you for telling me whats going on.Have a great day. Cindy


14 Oct, 2012

thank you for your kind thoughts cindy,, i'm sure i'll get over it ok,, but i am still sooo angry!! i am going to have him prosecuted,, he has been stealing from me all the time i thought he was helping me,, even after he left,,he hid letters while he was here,, my mortgage payments were missed 2 months in a row and he hid the letters so i wouldnt know he had emptied the account,, i hope the universe gives him everything he is due,, and a bit more besides!!


bella yeah 25 Jan 2013

thank you for your kind words, cindy.. sadly i am, if anything, worse now,, i am just longing for spring! ;-) ,, i hope you are doing ok ;-)


10 Oct, 2012

not a happy bunny today,,discovered i have been ripped off by someone i thought cared about me,, it hurts to find out that someone i thought was helping me was actually helping himself,,, it has cost me a lot of money,, but, more importantly, it has cost me emotional upset, which worsens my illness,, so, i am working on pulling myself back up, regaining my strength, my self esteem,, so , i am focussing on the thought that ""if you lend someone £20 and never see them again, it was worth the money to get the crap cleared from your life""


cindy kelly 13 Oct 2012

It does hurt when someone takes advantage. I felt the same way when i got let go of my job. I thought the people i worked for cared guess what--NOT. But i look at it this way God,s got something better for me and i,m a firm beliver that what goes around comes round. Chin up and dive into your art , always makes me feel better and those pics of Apollo and Orion can lift anyones spirits.


06 Oct, 2012

thanks for dropping by cindy,,and thank you for your kind words,, being on this site has helped my relaxaton level too, and given me a great new focus (pardon the pun!) in my life,,, i had never really concentrated on photography before joining here in july, i had only ever taken snapshots really,, it's amazing how differently you see the world whe you start to look for the best capture in every scene!! ;-) i hope your weekend is a great one.. Gail


30 Sep, 2012

a strange day today,, pain a bit too high to take ,so, a drop of morphine,,tripping the light narcotic,, ;-) , interesting 10 second dreams caused by the drugs and lack of sleep,,, imagination kicks up a bit as the upside,, ;-) spent a lovely quiet hour alone in the village church,, very peaceful, restful,, and got a few ok shots too,,x


cindy kelly 06 Oct 2012

Hi Bella I thought i,d stop by and say hello. I hope your feeling better now. It,s good when you have a place to go to relax. Churches are a good place to go when you need peace. I go sit on my porch and just take in the quiet. Your photos are great ,i love looking at them especially the two little characters Apollo and Orion. Keep a smile and may your days be pain free.


29 Sep, 2012

hmmm, labyrinthitus,,,,no fun!! getting a little sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!,, still, have to keep plodding on! have been lucky enough to grab a few good shots lately,, ;-) and i am pleased with the development of my own work recently,, its wonderful to be able to wander around looking at work from artists who are streets (whole towns) ahead of me,,;-),,there are tlanets on this site who deserve worldwide reknown!! i am so happy that they share their work with us mere mortals!!