Artist Bio

Anthony M Benjamin Sr. is a self taught artist.

He is manager and editor of the E Book company A M Benjamin Services.

A company that never sold a book picture. A M Benjamin Services is the publisher of the library of congress serial Antonio the Explorer (ISSN# 1947-850X).

Antonio the Explorer is primarily a collection of short stories serials about a son and father journey around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Recently Antonio the Explorer has been publishing stories about their endeavors in (1) Pro Se Litigation (2) Prayers and (3) Cyber Begging.

The stories about Cyber Begging is a plea for mercy to anyone to buy some artwork from the author or just give him a gift because he is struggling on the verge of losing many of the art pieces he created.

From the judgments of many of his art pieces he accepts no one will ever support his artwork and this bio he is asking for a gift from anyone to help him survive this spiritual storm he is living.

the begging request is more than a plea for money, it is a chance for anyone who gives to be an angel of mercy, someone who is answering prayer to help a fellow artist escape the poverty of living in substandard housing, eating in free food lines and drowning in financial steps.

please read my web site article about cyber begging.

please forgive my grammar.

A M Benjamin Services San Francisco, CA 2011 08 25

For more information, contact the author and publisher Anthony M. Benjamin A M Benjamin Services, 835 O’Farrell St. # 404 San Francisco, CA 94109 Tel: 415/800-3807 Email: ambenjamin79@yahoo.com URL: http://ambenjamin79.tripod.com/00001-CyberBegging-01.html

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