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My life has been an in depth study of all aspects of the visual and performing arts. Expressing myself through art is one of the greatest gifts I can give to the world. Whether I express myself with the written word, through my body in dance or visually in my paintings and drawings, art is dreams and thoughts given life.

All art has impacted my life – paintings, sculpture, dance, theater, writing and music. Though not a musician myself, music has been an important part of my life. As a dancer, feeling the music and expressing it with my body is creation. This would probably explain my love of Argentine Tango since it is such a powerful, passionate dance.

I strive to create a particular mood with my paintings as well. I love the power of Van Gogh and the feeling created by Monet. The French Impressionists are responsible for my favorite style of painting and their influence can be seen in my work. I love to study nature, landscapes and cityscapes, drawing in the feeling that is radiated from them. There is nothing more interesting than the study of light effects on its natural surroundings. It is ever changing, ever expanding, always creating a new palette to enjoy. As a student of art history, you will also find some experimentation in my artwork as I play with different styles and techniques.

Sharing my passion for dance and art is why I teach and sell my work. The creation is for me. The art is for you. Please enjoy my artwork! ~ Patti

*********************************************** BIOGRAPHY

Patricia “Patti” Petersen, was born in northern Wisconsin. As a child, her favorite "toy" was a blank piece of paper and a pencil. She would draw for hours, never tiring of the creative process and forever striving to perfect her technique. Petersen studied art throughout high school and continued her education at the University of Minnesota – Duluth as an art major for one year before switching majors.

At a Dallas advertising firm, she met her mentor and friend, fellow-artist, Beth Didion. Petersen put her knowledge of art and design into practice under the guidance of Ms. Didion. After moving to Seattle, Washington, Petersen worked for the art distributor, Winn Devon Publishing. It is here that she gained her knowledge of the world of fine art, limited editions and giclées.

A true artist, Petersen loves all aspects of the visual and performing arts, including dance and writing poetry. Petersen is a ballroom dance and Zumba® instructor and an avid bachata and Argentine Tango dancer. Petersen is still actively creating and showing her artwork. She has created several residential murals. Of course, not everyone wants his or her artwork to extend out of the frame! Petersen has a growing collection of fine art.

A big fan of Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, the focus of her fine art is impressionism. However, as a student of art history, Petersen also experiments with a variety of styles, always expanding her repertoire. She enjoys painting landscapes and flowers, drawing on her love of gardening and the outdoors. Petersen says, “There is nothing more interesting than the study of light effects on its natural surroundings. It is ever changing, ever expanding, always creating a new palette to enjoy.”.

Petersen has shown her work in the Puget Sound area at exhibitions and other venues, such as Maple Valley Arts Fest, Covington Art Exhibit, Cornerstone Coffee in Bremerton and Espresso by Design and Alki Bathhouse Art Studio and Gallery in Seattle.

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