Artist Bio

The artists have produced in their artworks traditional, individualized compositions in both two and three dimentional visual representations of realism and other sorts of perceptible and imperceptible entities. The imperceptible of course, being that nonsensuous entity of creation commonly known as space. Most recently, the works of both have been given a unique and unusual treatment in technique. In Anthony's MFA thesis, the technique "Strip Montage" was formulated after years of creative applications begining in the year 1958. Simply explained, two or more paintings or photographs of either artist are carefully cut into strips and alternately adhered to a panel, one strip from one composition, and another strip from the other. The technique can be either vertical, horizontal or diagonal, or any combination. Other applications of the strip and the use of the square have been applied with variations of eye-catching interest not extant in the original compositions. What at first appears to be spaces, can then be seen as another object in the same polytych-like assemblage.

Janice received the degree Fashion Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art; Advertising art at Sears, Roebuck; teacher of watercolor.

Anthony's assignments began as Art Director/Projects Coordinator for a TITLE III ESEA program for Chaves County, NM. Instructor/ Exhibits Coordinator for The College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA, Pepperdine University extension. Instructor, studio and classroom, ENMU, Roswell Campus. Other educational establishments throughout the Southwest.

Both artists have exhibited their works in private and public shows in California, Colorado, New Mexico and Ohio.

Artist Highlights