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04 Jan, 2009

Born in New Zealand of Caucasion and Samoan parentage, work as an Art teacher and freelance in my spare time. Live in sunny Queensland ( 23yrs) graduated in the late 8o's with a teaching degree and then a degree in Illustration for the Queensland College of Art in the late 9o's

My "style" is similar to my tastes in art genres and representative approaches to the visual , tactile sensory stimulated response..a bit eclectic, and this allows me to approach many creative problems from a chameleon of styles and medium, depending on my mood and creative energies at the time. It's possibly a bad thing..but I set up this portfolio not so much to show my "best" works..but rather a place to archive my own developments.


Karen Helsing 30 Jun 2011

That's an excellent approach! I create according to my moods as you have no doubt noticed.