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I was born in Syracuse,NY and currently reside in Long Beach,NY. I graduated with an architecture degree from University of Buffalo in 1996. Although I enjoyed architecture and the life perspective it gave me I still needed to be a free spirit, especially after learning to play guitar in my junior year.....

I started developing my style with freehand ball point pen that fall. While creating lyric books for songs that I had written on the guitar my artistic mind was set free. It was only by chance that ball point pen would become my medium of choice, for after the words were written, a small sketch would grace the page. With the next song a larger and more detailed drawing would grow from my hand, highlighting an idea or imagery from the words. Pretty soon the shaded penwork demanded it's own page and the lyrics designed themselves into and around the art. These "lessons" showed me the beauty of patience and the second nature of ball point pen. I bought a new scrapbook at that point and haven't put it down since...

Please email me if you have any questions about my artwork or would like to order a limited edition fine art giclee print directly from me:)

Take care,

Andrew Boynton


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