Artist Bio

Due to political unrest, I migrated from El Salvador to the United States in 1978. I have been an active painter since my arrival to the US.

Shortly after, I served one tour in the US Marines, I received an Honorable Discharge and became a US citizen.

My works may be categorized as conceptual, contemporary and/or traditional; my mediums of choice are oils and charcoal. However, I also work in watercolors; noting the translucent effect in watercolors allow me for greater expression and creativity.

My works are in various private and public collections in the US and abroad. I have been honored in several local and National competitions, and was published by Book Art Press in the 2003 edition of New Art International.

I am a lifetime member of the American Society of Portrait Artists.

In 2008 and 2012, I served in a 12 member panel for the City and County of Denver's New Justice Center Art Selection Committee, a total of $2.2 M were set aside for public art; in accordance to city ordinance.

I have served in uniform for a little-over three decades, art has been my passion, my therapy, and my friend during my brightest and darkest seasons in life.

I believe that ART is much greater than a collection of beautiful works, but rather the recorded memories and inspirations, the dreams and anguish of our efforts, and the portrait of our humanity. Jaime Kafati

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