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Reply 10/29/15
02:41 PM

The fall is here and I am enjoying the beautiful vivid spring colors....they just disappear so fast!!Have not been' able to paint for quite some time-different reasons but one of them is failing health! Will get better soon ..under the mean time -as always :Take Care of Each Other Happy Halloween

Reply 05/16/15
07:54 AM

Long time-no see!!The spring is here and I love every minute of it-my favorite season-the promise of summer!!I have been' too busy with family affairs and my store..and of course my painting always seems to be in the last spot on my to-do-list.But-I really do miss painting so I will take off a few days to see if I can find my motivation to create something extra ordinary-I have a few old windows that will be ready to go-have to get the panel and some new paint-STAY TUNED

Reply 10/02/14
09:47 PM

Well,the old tractor has been' in a workshop again and this time seems to be the last one..nothing more to fix really : )Anyways,getting stronger as we speak and -I really do miss painting...I am working on it-seriously- so hopefully we will see each other again...sooner this time/Take Care and Enjoy the vibrant autumn colors to come Leena

Reply 06/11/14
11:58 PM

Helloo from Louisville,KY. Long time-no writing...or painting for that matter!!Always too much around that takes too much time and energy...I just took my papa back to Finland after been' here for almost a year-he wanted to go back where he belongs he said...very sad and heavy to know that I might not see him again...alive!!And-with that I will close my blog for today,maybe one day I will pick up my painting again-until then Happy and Sunny Summer Wishes to you all!!!!

Reply 10/09/13
01:03 AM

Click for larger view I feel like an old "tractor"-you replqce one part then you have to replace the next one and next...and before you know it-the old tractor works again a few years.....

Reply 10/09/13
12:57 AM

Long time-no hear,,I know,havent' had any energy to paint,write or do much at all!!Getting ready for a back surgery -noticed that when I am in too much pain my creativity is zero!Hopefully it will disappear soon (at least for a while)and I can get back to work-under mean time:like they say here in KY."Ya'all take care now,ya' hear!! HUGS and keep on painting-autumn is here with its' marvellous colors-go out and "catch'em"

Reply 11/03/12
08:29 PM

Click for larger view Today I am in my bed-had a knee surgery yesterday and wrapped up in cooling pads and heating pads and my now I have a little time to write..I am also painting christmas cards(in my bed-gonna' end up with some colorful sheets and comforter I am sure...)Feeling a little better although I miss my mama-endlessly!!When I finally got to know her...but,I am glad I did because now I know more about myself as well-peace will come to my heart-and -stay! Take care and stay busy/ Marja-leena

Reply 08/13/12
12:04 PM

Long time since I visited my blog...have not been' painting or drawing much at all-I guess sometimes you just do not have any energy or inspiration ..especially when sad things happends and they brake your heart...!! my mother passed away in june this year and one of my dear girl friends got a seizure and lost her life as well....two weeks later! Hard to think and feel more than devastation and emptiness and -deep sorrow. Time will heel-so,I get back when I feel...blessed enough to still be alive/love marja-leena

Reply 11/09/11
03:14 PM

Click for larger view On a happier note I can now say that I managed to take care of my parents to the point that I can feel safe in my heart -I no longer have to worry about their well beeing'-they are both in great care and I am very grateful to the finnish society(goverment) as to how they take care of their elderly!!KIITOS PALJON SUOMEN MAA!!!

Reply 11/09/11
03:01 PM

My little store was broken into and they stole all my silver items (thank God I did not have any gold..)It seemed like they knew exactly where to go and how to open the glass cabinets..35 years of collection gone' in a few minutes!!! I had some beautiful "Slave Bracelets" made by native indians w/ coral and turqouise inlays,very old and hard to come by...I also had a great collection of Kalevala jewelry from Finland,those pieces you can NOT find any more..I am wondering if they took it only for the silver-that thought is killing me since the value was not in the silver-it was in the craftmanship,the uniqueness and the superb heart is crying!

03:53 PM

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08:04 PM

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