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Artist Bio

Mira Tasich, is an emerging author and an artist after being an entrepreneur and working for corporate America in various functions, including finance analyst, project (engineering) coordinator, estimator, technical support, assistant to the buyer, and travel agency manager. Ever since Mira overcame the language and culture barriers after moving to U.S. from Europe, she thrived on challenges and continued her professional and personal growth, catering her logical side and not the creative one. Her optimism and resilience guided her into living a successful life. However, she ignored her natural talents until her life altering move to Arizona. Embarking on a journey of discovery, Mira started writing and exploring her other creative passions. Her first book,” Good Bye Job, Hello Life “earned an award, as well as, powerful critiques. Her readers and fans made her realize she possesses the ability to keep rejuvenating her life. With their encouragement, she decided to help others reassess and turn around their lives. And, the result is her workbook, “Lifehacks: 40 Tips for Rewriting Your Life”. Mira continues to work on her own journey, to connect with people of all cultures and to inspire others to live happier lives. In addition to various Zen inspired products, Mira is working on a new book “Good Bye Expectations, Hello Reality”, due in spring, 2018.

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