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SCULPTURES IN PUBLIC VIEW _________________________________________ Please contact me by email for purchase options.I am found on: www.redbubble.com/people/snakedog

Also I am in National Geographic Your Shot/No college background in art except for 2 tears Junior College with painting under professor Directo, the famous Tiki sculptor of wood and carver carver......just general liberal arts in a junior college for two years and then a failed attempt to take science classes at University of Missouri at Kansas City due to poor math skills. My college experience came too close to my military discharge after three years in the Army overseas and I just disliked college altogether.

I am a naturalist and educator working for conservation and propagation of wildlife and the plight of endangered species.

I have worked in nature centers and zoos to try to do something but I found out my best ability is in the art of nature in painting and sculpture.

Mural painting is one of my best efforts in art and results from my many youthful years as a sign and billboard painter who is also a fine art painter. I owned and managed my own business and today I manage an art studio and gallery which I own.

SCULPTURE first and mixed media painting second.


I sculpt, paint, assemble and contemplate all manner of my imagination for no particular reason and no particular goal other than freedom of thought and spirit. ryone is an artist in something but a real artist is serious about being playful and creative. Also drawing what one feels and sees is great personal achievement beyond just existing.

I realize many artists wish to make socio/political contributions but I prefer to remain out of that fray because of my experience being born in post war Germany and all the suffering I felt around me then and even later. I am a U.S. Army veteran and enjoy family who are from or live in Estonia and Brazil. Tropical landscapes are no stranger to me as one can see by some of my works.

1. "Infantry Cross Rifle Bronze" 2002 cast bronze

located at Wentworth Military Academy and College at the Tillotson Barracks at the apex of the highest point on the building

2. "Centrosphere" 2000 carved limestone

Located in Council Grove, Kansas at highway 56 on the west side of town in the Santa Fe Trail

COMMISSIONS _________________________________________ I am also known as "The Artist Known as V".

1. "Rocky" Morgan Horse 1998 cast bronze head trophy figure

2. Wentworth Military Academy & College in Lexington, Missouri 2002

3. numerous private commissions _________________________________________ I have made a part time living for a number of years in the commercial sign illustration and design business and now I am active with commissioned mural and site sculpture work in my own business Vincent von Frese Studios where I produce art both in my studio and install on sight.


I prefer to lease the small murals I make in the studio because a wall painted mural eventually gets either painted over or destroyed. I am planning on working with the marketing of mural work locally via Angie's List. modern mural can be printed on wall paper any size and installed on sight. Please contact me for more information at;

liveart.wild @ gmail.com and also please visit my website www.vincentvonfrese.com.

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