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Litsa Spathi is a german conceptual artist living in Germany and the Netherlands. She lives and works in her atelier in Breda (Netherlands). There she works on paintings, graphics, performances, mail-art and artists books. Since 1990 she makes contributions to art magazines and artist's books, sends in contributions to group exhibitions and has several solo-exhibitions. Her work is accepted for the prestigious 'Kunstf├Ârderung' in region Baden-W├╝rttemberg. She undertakes journeys to several European countries. Her works are in several national and international archives, museums and private collections. She is co-founder of the Fluxus Heidelberg Center and a lot of her visual work and flusus poetry can be found on www.fluxusheidelberg.org.

In this portfolio on ArtWanted you find a selection of my drawings. See link for more aspects of my work.

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