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Hi, My name is Elizabeth (aka LittleLiz) I have always had a love of creating art, since I was old enough to draw on the living room wall (oops!). I am very happily married and I'm mum to three fantastic, grown up young men and will be a nana very soon. I also have three wonderful step sons. Painting makes me happy. I paint my kids, my pets, the places I go to, the things I see and sometimes just crazy stuff out of my head. Having run an educational animal business with my husband for many years, animals are of great facination to me. Often my inspiration. We no longer run the animal business so the extra time will be filled with producing and hopefully (wish me luck) selling lots of art. I love to take commissions and paint all kinds of things from portraits, pet portraits to landscapes etc from peoples photographs. I paint china vases, plates and thimbles too! I have high hopes for this year and am already planning exhibitions and looking into new outlets for my artwork. Please take a look at my gallery here. Let me know what you think?

You can also find me, follow me, and contact me through facebook twitter and redbubble. All of which can be found here http://bouncesite.com/LittleLizHappyArt and I have a range of Greeting Cards here http://wasc.uk/LittleLizHappyArt …

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