Artist Bio

As hard to duplicate as the music of Jimy Hendrix, his art started at an early age of six, before he ever heard of Joan Miro or Jackson Pollock, and remained the same since. Full of symbolism, his technique is a cross between Vasarely, Miro and Pollock. With a touch of Automatic writing, simple brilliant colors, and elegant geometric and figurative abstract cross between the visible and invisible universe surrounding us constantly. Metaphysical, out of our visible spectrum, with a hint of quantum physics, religion, art, music, universe, poetry, spirituality, angels and gods are all encompassed in his never ending, never repeated sequence of visual mastery. Uplifting, encouraging, and positive message of the macro and micro cosmos, he is seeking for collectors with imagination and creativity matching his own.


Countess Anna Nyari

Mr. Alexander Moyzes

Mr. Ladislav Cemicky

Dr. Patch Adams

Dr. Emil Levin

Dr. Jean Zeeb

Mr. Sevan Shahgaldian

Mr. George Taglianetti

Mr. John Kawamura

Mr. John Austin

Mr. Julius Veres

Mr. Jiri Vondrak

Mr. Jaroslav Kucera

And many others in Europe, Australia and USA. Several Exhibitions in Europe.

Exhibitions in USA coming soon!

Artist Highlights