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Self Portrait

Emilie Dionne is an artist based in Montreal, in Canada. She has a PhD in social and political thought and works as a researcher in health care research at McGill University. Her artwork is inspired by fantasy and surreal art, as well as Art Nouveau, and artists such as Mucha, Klimt, Sylvia Ji.

Her favorite medium vary as she really appreciates traditional and digital artwork. Traditional artwork involve pencil, ink, pencil, markers, colored pencils. As for the digital artwork, some may contain ink and other will be entirely painted digitally with photoshop elements.

Would you like to purchase original artwork? It's possible here, or directly from me at my Artshop.

For everyone who would like to use her artwork for non profit groups, as tags/signatures, feel free to use it as long as proper copyright and website are included (Emilie Dionne, www.emiliedionne.com). Tubing is also permitted.

You have a personal request? Contact be by email! emiliefineart@gmail.com

Artist Highlights

  • Lives In:    CANADA
  • ArtWanted.com Gallery:    Anime/Manga
  • Represented By:    Emilie Dionne