Artist Bio

I first started my creative journey when I would cut up my mom's Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines in the 50's to make collages. But it was during the 60's in San Francisco when my world exploded with color, spiritually and creatively. Many creative people, icons of my generation crossed my path as I went stumbling (perhaps tripping) through a life that offered many possibilities. My sense of color and my love for the depth of the human spirit in spite of all odds was developed during these profound times.

After Woodstock of 69 and the birth of my son I had to set aside a life of living in brightly colored busses and went on to build a career in social services. I worked for 25 years in agencies working with Viet Nam Vets, mental health services, domestic violence, AIDS, affordable housing, drug addiction, child care and worker's rights. In 1998 I began painting as a channel to de-brief from the stress and in 1999 left social services and began to create art full-time as I felt I could do more to lift people's spirits (and my own) through my art. From the moment I picked up the brush and swirled it in the paint I knew somehow that I had come home. It was instantaneous. My identity as an artist wrapped me up in its arms and welcomed me home. In my art there is always an element of joy or hope. But it is a joy or hope that is borne from where there was none before. Hope that comes after great tragedy. Its a solid and purposeful joy. Mostly I am self-taught, but I have taken a few courses. I am more a process painter than a fine artist. I know that if I try to struggle with a piece all I have to do is put down the brush and wait. My muse will let me know when the channels to creativity are open again. I am grateful every day for God's spiritual presence in my life.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon where my whole house (purple, no less) is my studio. I spend most of my time creating art and occasionally being endlessly entertained by my grandsons, Gage and Cole.

"Pamela Brooke is an artist with a big heart who chooses joy at every turn. Themes of the earth and the promise of nature infuse her works with ecstatic revelation. The idealism and promise of the 1960's have bloomed in the vibrant patterns and swirls of her mature work. The works of Pamela Brooke resonate with the choice she has made to celebrate the world with the vulnerability of her heart."

- John Seed, Professor, Art Critic and former assistant to Jean-Michel Basquiat

I am available for commissions. My circular pieces are my most requested commission. I can take several colors from one room, put them in one piece and end up with a contemporary absract painting that can be the perfect design element to bring a room together.

I can generally re-create a painting. It may not be exactly alike, but will be similar enough to the original to capture the essentials. If you see anything you'd like me to create for you, just contact me at pbrooke@mac.com I consider creating art to be my spiritual practice and the intention of my life.

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