Artist Blog

04 Jul, 2016

VERMONT! By God's hand in help, I want to be there in my place of residence this Autumn. I really have yet to experience a colorful Autumn; can't get it in an overcrowded city. 2016 has been the roughest year for me, but after these 6 months of rough play, I expect a corner of Heaven on earth, starting at the 7th month. Anyways - He's keeping me strong as the projects grow many and fervent. I have a fabric print collection going (Fabric by Timberbells) and I'm thankful to God to be able to use yet another creative outlet. I am victorious!


07 Dec, 2010

My mother's such a help; she's just now discovering or believing in the talents God put in her to nurture. She's having a book written and I pray her all success. She helped me to laugh awhile ago to chase away the grays and I think the game could catch on. Sometimes we can finish each others sentences. She said she has so many ideas and things she wants to put together it's like tending to a pile of leaves and trying to find the exact tree or bush it fell from. Mother, you are really hap'nin.


21 Nov, 2010

I once heard that the artists in Heaven will be allowed to still keep creating, expressing and building up the city through their talents. Are there any credible art communes here in the states geared towards the struggling artist, I wonder.


08 Nov, 2010

My 2010 projection: Successful sales. 20 acres of sustaining land; Vermont, Pennsylvania, Canada, Alaska - homeland. Dreams, no longer dreams.


28 Sep, 2010

Today is THE day for manifested destinies. As sure as the dead still have birthdays, my dreams can't wait to meet me.


24 Oct, 2007

I am in the process of providing images for anyone who has an idea or concept they'd like to see in print. Adobe Photoshop will be my primary medium. Secondary will be pencil and oil painting.