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I started with pencil, then charcoal sketches, pen & ink, sculpture, crafts, sewing, and after a few years of paint by numbers, finally painted my first painting at 16 years of age. I chose acrylic and proceeded to paint a Scarlet Macaw, which as a result of self-doubt, I never completed. I dabbled with watercolor for a while and eventually came back to acrylic. At the age of 19, Vanguard Studios, in Ventura, California, hired me as a reproduction artist, which I did until I felt my passion leaving me. I decided at that moment that if and when paintings that I painted were sold again, they would be original works and changed careers.

After leaving Vanguard Studios, I could not paint; it was as if I had forgotten how to paint without using the techniques I learned there. I am almost embarrassed to say that we used, paint rollers in addition to 4 brushes with very little fine detail. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using whatever tool you want, to achieve the look you are trying to achieve, but to me it was cheating. Three years passed before I picked up a brush again and I have been painting ever since.

In 1999, I decided it was time to embrace oils after years of using acrylic. My first oil was a portrait of my brother and his horse and though I fought the differences between the mediums, I havent done an acrylic painting since.

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