Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Lindsey E. Bates has expressed himself through the tip of a pencil, pen, brush, or rock since he could hold them in his hand. He has always been drawn to various forms of art, whether it would be a comic book or 3D computer animation. Lindsey honed his gift at Streamwood High’s Academy of Art later to earn a BFA in Media Arts & Animation from The Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago. His works have been on display in Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Iowa, and Los Angeles. The city of Chicago is his foundation where he has began his artistic career. He has received varies invitations to display his work across the city. Invites from Citi Bank Annual Black History Lunch in, Beverly Art Center, Douglas Park Field House, MurphyHill Gallery to the DuSable 35th annual Art Festival where he received a First Place Award in Fine Art. He continues to invoke emotion through his expressive storytelling paintings and impressionistic work.

Artist Highlights