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Have been drawing all of my life, my mother was an artist, she started me in oils when I was a teen, but had an interest in watercolor. Start working as a commercial artist in 1974, Then got into Pen & Ink in 1988, Started publishing artwork in 1989 and went International in 1992, with several pieces. Again, in 1993.

Have use photography, since 1966, as reference material for artwork. Now into the Digital Photography in a big way, working with 3 cameras. A simple Point & Shoot, an Infrared Converted T5-i, with two lens and IR filters 470 nm, 590 nm, 665 nm, 720 nm and 790 nm. But, love the Full frame Canon 6D Mk II, with 6 lens. Have done my share of work in the studio and in the field, for customers and clients, Hate working for other, so just shoot, what I like, and rarely take on any commercial work, but still have clients that call, who I have done work for, since the 80's.

As you can see have a passion for Orchids, use to grow them, back in the 80's. Started photographing them, then. Also, enjoy the Wetlands and creeks, and the wildlife, that one might find, in or around. Have studio equipment and medium and large sheet film cameras ( 3 ) rarely used.

Listed with several International Group,, out of Oxford, England, the handle or Nickname would be " Lurch ". So, do enjoy the photos, feel free to drop me a line....

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