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Self Portrait

The one thing I am good at doing more than any other thing is making illustrations, drawing and sculpting all in a variety of genre and styles.: I grew up in Missouri where we we were immigrants and I a naturalized citizen from Germany lived. My mother, a native Estonian and creative artist & ballet dancer studied commercial art via Art Instruction School of New York. I grew up watching her perform illustration and advertising art. I always could out draw any other kid and later on worked as a commercial sign maker. I became a skilled lettering artist for sign shops around and ran a sign business of my own in between sculpture studies.

I did not get my first bronze sculpture cast until 1978. Since then I have had castings on commission and one edition of a Mountain Gorilla.

1946 Germany born 1949 Florida everglades and palmetto prairie 1955 Kansas drawing in my mothers studio 1957 Missouri citizenship, schooling 1964 Germany murals and graphic arts 1967 Missouri community college liberal art 1970 Kansas zoological art & illustration 1974 Oklahoma zoological art 1975 Missouri art gallery ownership 1980 Arkansas portrait sculpture, bronze 1984 Texas zoological studies 1989 Missouri museum work and studio work 2000 Missouri sculpture, stone carving, bronze 2012 Missouri sculpture commissions

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