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Self Portrait

Firstly I would like to thank the people whom have taken the time to look at my work.I hope that one day you will find one of my works that you would be proud to have in your home.

In the early part when first interested in art I used oil and canvas as well as watercolour.I became interested in Airbrushing when a close friend of mine began in the art.I found it fascinating the artwork you could achieve.Since then we have done custom work on cars and motorbikes.As well as a couple of murals on peoples walls for them.(on the inside)I have not throwen the Airbrush away and times still use it.I now mainly concentrate on corporate art.There advertising and stationery.Involving computer gtraphics.

I do hope you like my work,there will be more coming and perhaps one day there will be the one for you.Until then Regards and My Best Wishes to you all

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