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Murky Reflections

This painting is the first painting to be a problematic work. I struggled, and struggled with this particular one. It expresses a lot of conflicting moments, pain, happiness, calmness, depression, and unknowing. It is not favorite work. In other cases thiswould have been left for later to sit and collect dust or got thrown out after the first few layers of anxieties. However, I worked it to a better layer, one I will want to reflect back to one day, so here it is. please, do not hesitate to say whether or not you like it or not. TY!

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Anonymous Guest

Snook Berry 11 Mar 2013

There are many faces in this. great texture and colour well done.

Maurizio Miele 21 Jan 2013


Anonymous Guest 18 Apr 2010


Amy Yampanis 24 Feb 2010

I love this piece of work. It is VERY powerful, evoking so much emotion. I love how it is still and yet so active at the same time- so much like when there is a storm of emotion inside, where we could be completely still and yet feel like we are running a race.

Anna Marie Fritz 26 Jan 2009

You have many lovely paintings and sketches, Nancy, but this one caught my eye and so it is the one I will comment on. It is GORGEOUS, and reminds me of one in my portfolio called "Manic Mode." Yours is much better, though!