Background: This work is more a model than a finished work, i wanted to add a better environment and tracks likely to make it look better.-----------------Details: The whole structure is designed in autocad and rendered in 3ds max, the lack is that the arena is highly detailed(more then 5000 stairs) this forced me to reduce the envitonmental effects and attractions, but i'm pretty glad with the water i'd worked a lot on the final colour. M.K ARTWORK

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Olga van Dijk 16 Jan 2007

Great 3D rendering Miad!--

Homayra Amirzada 13 Jan 2006

wow new style and so original great work

Karen Corcoran 03 Nov 2005

WOW! This is very very good.

Benjamin Bairn 01 Nov 2005

Very impressive rendering. Great design on the arena and I like what the little structures around it add to the design.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 31 Oct 2005

This is brilliant Miad. Great colour and fascinating detail. Love the order and the scale. Great artwork!