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Bottomless Pit

All of my pictures are actual photographs. Either I took the photo my self or they are cutouts and pics from books and magazines. I then destroy the photos with various filters and manipulations. Some of my photos have 50 to 100 layers others are done with just 1 object. I put these pics in photography because they all start out as photographs.


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Pat Goltz 20 Jun 2005

A very pretty golden splash with a nice shape and movement.

Rob Jones 31 Jan 2005

This is wild, lots of energy going on here...btw thanks for the kind words

George Severny 21 Jan 2005

Very interesting concept

Crystal 11 Jan 2005

This is really cool! I love when you look at something & you're like..what is it? Then you look closer & "Oh yeah! I see" It's even better when you can keep finding something different the more you look. Nice job!

Solar Ic3 10 Jan 2005

great image......