Artist Bio

Self Portrait

E. A. Clausen has been an artist, writer, and musician for most of her life. She received her doctorate in psychology and has practiced as a clinical psychologist for several years. She has turned to writing, art, and composing as major pursuits and avocations. She divides her time between the east coast of the U.S. and lived in Denmark for 3 years..

Artist Vision Statement: My art represents a restless searching and an endless need to create. Art is creation at its best and is generated from the hidden unconscious. We are always manifesting what is inside of us and we continually attract life to ourselves via our unconscious needs. It is through the vehicle of creation we are able to manifest our reality. Whether we create music, art, poetry, or even tomorrow's dinner, we are tapping into a universal archetypal spirit and reflecting it in our life. When the artist allows the unconscious to flow and then channels it into a medium and content by his or her talent, the act of creation becomes magically manifest.

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