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10 Nov, 2021

Hey Friends! I did not realize I had not posted here in so long. Anyway, I was thinking about the future today and what it will be like when I retire (soon) from my full time business and make art my full time business instead. I have a passion for art and I don't look at it as a job or a way to make income and I hope that does not change when I start doing this to pay the bills. I don't want to do it for the money but for the love of the craft... What about you???


05 Oct, 2020

Greetings Friends, I have been away for a while, took a break from drawing. Now I'm Back! I've done about 5 pieces in the past 2 weeks. Halloween is just around the corner and that means the holiday season is about to begin!! Let's get 2020 behind us and hope for a better New Year! Peace ~ JD


08 Jul, 2020

July fourth has come and gone for the year 2020. What a crazy year for us all! I've been busy creating all kinds of art this year and much of it is posted here on I have a few patriotic pieces of late and will post more later. I'm looking forward to fall for many reasons, One being cooler weather and the other is of course hoping the covid will become less and less of an issue. Finally, around mid October I always take a vacation north of Charlotte and usually somewhere cool and surrounded by fall colors! Peace ~ JD


13 Jun, 2020

Saturday! Woo Hoo!! Can't decide if I want to go riding or go working, hmmm. Either way I'll be drawing tonight I'm sure. I've been exploring the Artwanted website reading peoples bio's and checking out the art. Sometimes I can get lost doing that. It gives you and appreciation of what others are doing and how varied art can be. Enjoy your weekend! Peace ~ JD


10 Jun, 2020

Still sketching and drawing every day lately. Actually did an acrylic painting a few days back. I forgot how much fun that was. I'm praying this unrest in the nation will come to an end soon. Looks like it's gonna be awhile before we can get back to normal if there is such a thing. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Peace ~ JD


02 Jun, 2020

Good Morning folks! I hope this message finds you safe and healthy. Things are crazy right now in America but I hope you might find refuge from the storm. My art is often my way of taking my mind off of the things that can make us fearful or worried. Stay strong and true, Continue to draw, paint, photograph, sculpt or whatever it is you do to make the world a better place.. Peace ~ JD


23 May, 2020

Hello Friends!

It's another sunny day in the Carolina's. We are opening back up and actually got to eat out in a sit down restaurant this morning! In other news, I've been on a celebrity portrait binge since the lock-down began. I've probably done over a dozen and I'm still going, sometimes doing two in a day. I have done a couple of non portrait pieces but not lately.

Also, I suppose we all need to start thinking about the upcoming fall and preparing for the Oct thru Christmas season of selling online. This will be my first year of truly trying to take advantage of my online presence and sell my art. I hope the art market is a good one for us all. Peace and good luck! ~ JD


15 May, 2020

Greetings Friends! Here we are still on stay at home orders from the Overlords in Raleigh. They let us go to Walmart, Lowes, Home depot, etc, in droves but we still can't go to church or to work for the most part. Well I suppose we can pay them back in November if you know what I mean. So, since many of you have time to kill online, feel free to check out my full portfolio here at artwanted. If you see something you like contact me and I will make it yours! Peace out ~ JD


01 May, 2020

Hello fellow inmates!

Looks like we all have been under a soft form of lock-down the past six weeks. There has been some good to come of it in regards to getting things done around the house and especially with my art work. However the damage done to small businesses and the low wage earners in the USA is hard to imagine. Since the CV-19 has turned out to be somewhat of another flu epidemic and not the catastrophe the press and others have made it out to be I would hope we could all get back to work soon. God Bless you all and stay safe...


02 Apr, 2020

WOW! Been a while since I've been here. Life has gotten the best of me I suppose. Since right before Christmas I have had to endure the death of my dear Mother and recently a good friend. My drawing came to a halt but I am trying to get back into it. The Horse I have just posted is one of my first since I have picked up my charcoal sticks again. I suppose I should mention we are all under quarantine at the moment so I guess it is a god time to get back into it... Stay Safe!!