13 January, 2018

ArtWanted down?

I couldn't go to the site for two days. Now I can, but can't reply to my comments? What is wrong, or am I the only one with the problem?



RQ Trietsch 13 Jan 2018

Me also. But haven't tried to reply to anyone. But I've had it happen before and I just think they are doing an update or something.

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Jan 2018

We have had some technical problems with our server over the last 24 hours, which caused a bunch of down time for ArtWanted. The issues are now resolved and our developers are busy researching the cause of these issues.

Anneke Hut 13 Jan 2018

Thanks for the info AW!

Al Budarin 15 Jan 2018

This has happened toe too at least 3 times a month ,usually on the beginning of a weekend& many times I'm locked out& have to put in my password to get back into AW

Ginger Olansen 22 Jan 2018

That day I could not get for a day and a half! I don't no why it closes for so long. A couple of hours but not over a day! It's frustrating.

Dale Newman 08 Feb 2018

i agee it is very frustrating, when you are trying to do something specific on the site and can not access for one or two days