13 January, 2018

ArtWanted down?

I couldn't go to the site for two days. Now I can, but can't reply to my comments? What is wrong, or am I the only one with the problem?



RQ Trietsch 3 days ago

Me also. But haven't tried to reply to anyone. But I've had it happen before and I just think they are doing an update or something.

ArtWanted.com Staff 3 days ago

We have had some technical problems with our server over the last 24 hours, which caused a bunch of down time for ArtWanted. The issues are now resolved and our developers are busy researching the cause of these issues.

Anneke Hut 3 days ago

Thanks for the info AW!

Al Budarin Yesterday

This has happened toe too at least 3 times a month ,usually on the beginning of a weekend& many times I'm locked out& have to put in my password to get back into AW