08 January, 2018


I think i can speak for many of us that it would be nice to live stream while drawing/painting and get to chat with, and inspire other artists in real time. I know that when I watch someone draw, i want to draw. The problem is that the most popular live stream platforms (youtube, younow, twitch, etc..) are so full of youngsters who have really no interest in anything but video games and pop music, that it's extremely difficult to get genuinely interested viewers. But if there was a platform exclusively for artists, i believe it would be greatly appreciated and would eliminate the discouragement of not reaching those who are really looking for inspiration and help learning techniques. I'm not even sure if Artwanted is even capable of such an endeavor, but I don't think such a platform exists yet, so it might be something to explore!

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Ginger Olansen 13 Jan 2018

Hi Jerry, an interesting thought. How would you go about it. If I wanted tape myself painting what equipment would I need? I have no idea. A video I assume with good lightening around?

Jerry Coppo 14 Jan 2018

All you really need is a decent webcam with a stand so you can point it at whatever you're working on, and a reasonably fast internet connection. Although, I'm not talking about recording videos, i'm talking about live broadcasting, so you can interact with your viewers.

Elizabeth Grima 18 Jan 2018

I'm not sure how I would feel about livestreaming myself but I'm glad you explained it and I think it could be a good idea if you knew you would have people watching. I am also thinking that small video clips of artists working that could be viewed anytime would be good

Jerry Coppo 19 Jan 2018

video clips are nice and they are abundant on youtube. most of them, however, are simply artists showing their work and not offering much in the way of help. Many of the videos labeled 'tutorials' are only partial clips, and then they want you to subscribe for a fee to see more. live broadcasts, on the other hand, allow viewers to interact, ask questions in real time, and the artist can respond immediately and explain what they are doing. for example, Twitch is a venue exclusively for gamers to broadcast live and talk with their viewers, and the viewers get to ask questions and learn tips and tricks while the broadcaster shows their skills. I would like to see something similar, exclusively for artists to do the same.