06 November, 2016
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Multiple File Uploader

We have updated the technology and process to allow our members to upload multiple images to their portfolio in a single batch!

You can now upload dozens (or even hundreds) of images to your portfolio with just a few clicks. Our new uploader even accepts large high-resolution image uploads with ease, perfect for our print-on-demand program. Try it out today.

How do I upload multiple images?

From the Upload Artwork page in the Members Area, click on the new link to upload multiple images at the top of the form. You can also select the MULTIPLE IMAGES option from the UPLOAD ARTWORK side menu.

On this new page, click the blue SELECT IMAGE FILES button. This will open a pop-up screen to allow you to choose or drag-n-drop images from your computer to ArtWanted. You can also select images from Facebook, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and many other cloud storage locations.

You will see a preview of all the images that are about to be uploaded. Click the blue UPLOAD button in the bottom-right corner. As the images upload, you will see a progress bar on the screen showing the upload process percent.

After the upload is done, our website will process the images and then auto-refresh the page to show you all the images we have received.

As you see your pending images, you can choose to post all of your images to your portfolio at the same time with the same information, or you can edit the image information for each individual image before it’s posted.

Can I crop/rotate my images during upload?

Yes, you can. As your images are uploading, click any CONVERT button on the right-side of the screen to show a larger view of your image. From this large view you can rotate or crop your image, as explained on the following blog post.

Are there any upload limits?

We do not have a limit on the file size you can upload, so you can upload high-resolution files with a very large file size without a problem.

The quantity of images you can upload depends on your account type. Free accounts are limited to 50 new uploads per year on their portfolio. Premium members can upload unlimited images to their portfolio.

Can I use this uploader to update the quality of my print-on-demand images?

Yes, you can. This is a great tool to update the quality and resolution of your print-on-demand images and add print options to your previous uploads.

After uploading all of your high-resolution files, simply click on the PRINT button next to each image and select the image you want to update. This process can increase the resolution of the file we have for the print-on-demand program and allow you to offer additional products and print sizes to those images.

Try It Out!

We want everyone to try out the new multiple-file uploader and share with us your feedback. Here is a link to test it out and post multiple images to your portfolio.

Upload Multiple Files Now